Aus Building and Power Projects

ELLIOTT, Northern Territory > Homes in the Territory’s most central communities are set for upgrades thanks to a $5.5 million investment by the Labor Government.

Around 60 homes will be upgraded at Elliott’s Wilyugu and Gurungu camps and at the Marlinja Homelands, 25 kilometres north of the town.

Power Projects are the successful tenderer have already been onsite, scoping three vacant houses that will be upgraded for use as transitional accommodation.

Elliott locals, Gary Ulamari and Darren Raymond, have joined the Power Projects team as full-time employees and will be working on a range of tasks.

Power Projects will also subcontract to a local business and engage with Community Development Program (CDP) workers.

The $5.5 million is part of a $35.5 million investment through the NT Government’s Town Camps Futures Unit.

Power Projects were recently Awarded 13 houses to modify as part of the “Room to breathe” program by the NT Government to address overcrowding in remote Aboriginal communities. By buildingonto and altering existing dwellings The NT Government and Power Projects hope to inporve the living standards and help address some of the social issues surround overcrowding in houses.


A few contracts undertaken by Power Projects Contract Value $







PRK00084-13-4 ESO
Katherine region Essential
Services Officer – 12 communities




Department of Housing and Community
Development – Municipal, Essential and Housing services homelands




Department of Infrastructure Planning and
Logistics – T16-1979 Electrical and
4600001376 Street lighting Katherine region





Power Projects NT has implemented and Integrated Management System (IMS) which has been certified by a Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand (JAS-ANZ) certification body and is compliant with the following standards:

  • ISO 9001: Quality System
  • AS/NZS 4801: (OHS)
  • ISO 14001: Environment
  • ISO 31000: Risk Management