Steven Dhu

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Steven Dhu

Steven is an Aboriginal man from the Pilbara of Western Australia. Born and educated in the Pilbara town of Port Hedland he has worked in many areas in the Mining and Education sectors. He studied Law at the University of Western Australia before practicing Law in Native Title, Mining Law and Commercial Law. During his years of practice Steven assisted in many Commercial dealings with Traditional Owners.

Steven was Legal Counsel for a Pilbara Aboriginal Corporation and was involved in significant Corporate Governance and Trust Structures. Prior to his involvement with AUS he developed a Corporate Governance Training product for a Western Australian University.

Steven also has substantial experience in financial capacity building and business development and is a Director on a number of Aboriginal Corporations boards. At the heart of the AUS business model is Steven’s aspirations for the betterment of Aboriginal people through the creation of sustainable career opportunities, mentoring and education. Steven has strong family and cultural links throughout the state with in-depth understandings and relationships amongst most of the Traditional Owners (TO) in the Pilbara, Kimberley and the South West.

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Martin Sibosado

Martin has performed company director roles for many years, predominantly in the not-for-profit sector with over twenty years experience sitting on company boards, having made significant contributions through his involvement working with Aboriginal corporations. Martin has extensive Western Australian networks in the Pilbara and West Kimberley regions. These long standing relationships emanate from his native title connections, contracted service provider experience and advocacy roles.   

For almost 20 years, Marty has been involved with Djaringo (, arguably the most influential and important registered training organisation in the Kimberley. Marty is the Managing Director and has been pivotal in providing opportunities for Aboriginal and non Aboriginal people. With well developed business and corporate management expertise, Marty has acquired his business acumen from practical hands on experience in establishing new enterprises.

Throughout the past ten years Marty has been focused on developing Aboriginal entrepreneurs and establishing sustainable small business in the West Kimberley. Much of the approach Marty has employed requires brokering and matching established and sustainable business, with indigenous entrepreneurs as mentors and partners. Marty has played pivotal roles in setting up partnerships and joint ventures, that are win win for both parties. This has been made possible by his extensive Government and corporate sector networks.

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Michael Hales

Michael is a founding Director of Aboriginal United Services (AUS) and has a passion for implementing and driving business strategies to increase the economic development of Aboriginal people and Aboriginal owned businesses. It is Michael’s view that there exists a great opportunity for the Government and Private sectors to help create immediate ongoing sustainable economic and employment opportunities for Aboriginal people. The net effect of this will help drive positive outcomes and role models for Aboriginal people in regional and metropolitan areas across Australia.

Building the Australian “Aboriginal Economy” and the creation of more sustainable diverse Aboriginal owned enterprises is going to be the leading factor in closing the gap and an area Michael takes a lot of enjoyment and pride in being apart of.

His role as CEO is multi-functional and includes (but is not limited to) new business development, helping to establish, define and implement corporate strategy and targets, overseeing AUS’s internal project teams, ensuring all AUS companies Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Management systems are being adhered and all companies are operating under a corporate framework of governance, accountability and sustainability. A key focus is overseeing Management to ensure contracting undertaken directly by AUS or by sub-contractors meets and exceeds AUS’s expectations and equally importantly our clients.

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