To provide all people a pathway to achieve their short, medium and long term employment objectives

AUS Employment Services is steadfast in it’s vision to become one of the premier employment services business in Australia. Our platform and business connectivity is designed to provide all people, with a particular focus on Aboriginal people, a pathway to achieve their short, medium and long term employment objectives.

The creation of AUS Employment Services stems from the experiences and knowledge the Directors Martin Sibosado and Steven Dhu have accrued over many years of involvement in training, education and economic development programs. 

Staff Hire

AUS Employment Services can assist with permanent staff hire, building large scale supplementary workforces on short term, medium, or long term scopes of work and everything in between.

Our unique flat fee approach and guarantee to permanent hire provides clients with flexibility, and peace of mind when it comes to budgeting.


Linking training and employment opportunities with the right candidate. Our pool of candidates is not limited by race or gender and we have a wide range of people with varying skills and back grounds available to meet your ongoing business requirements. AUS Employment Services can assist with Professional (White collar), Trades, and Non-Trade (Blue collar) recruitment.


An important objective of AUS Employment Services is proving strong  mentoring programs and leadership. It is our belief that having conversations with people about developing pathways to achieve their potential and providing a pathway directly or indirectly to achieve it is incredibly important. A core strength particularly with our Aboriginal workforce has been taking a keen interest in the lives and family’s of the workers and providing an inclusive environment where both the Employee and the Employer, are comfortable talking openly about any subject that may affect the workplace positively or negatively whether that be direct or indirect influences.


Our recruitment and staffing capabilities extends across both white, blue, and grey collar vacancies:

Drivers and operators: MC, HR, HC Drivers, Heavy equipment operators, Civil Operators.
Qualified trades people: Qualified and competent trades and maintenance personnel including fabricators, carpenters, plumbers, electricians and fitters.
General staff and labourers: Including receptionist, administrators, factory workers, plant operators, drivers, traffic controllers, warehouse and store personnel.
Professional staff:HSE, Finance, Commercial, Project Managers, Construction Managers, Engineers andmore.

Current Opportunities