AUS Metal Alliance

Full transparency and reporting of every piece of scrap metal collected and processed.

AUS Metals Alliance (AMA) provides companies that have scrap metal removal requirements either on an on-going basis or as part of project/decommissioning scope of works, a platform to realise the greatest value for their scrap metal. AMA accesses the largest and most efficient processing facilities in Australia and at all levels of the supply chain aims to provide transparency and efficiency to help drive greater rebates back to our clients bank accounts for their scrap metal.

AMA undertakes works for an expanding variety of end clients, one being FMGL who is a major Pilbara Iron Ore Mining company. AMA holds the contract to manage the collection of scrap metal around FMGL’s Port and Rail operations through the provision of range of bin sizes and specialized rail collection and cutting equipment. AMA prides itself on providing a high quality of service with arguably industry leading transparency and tracking of scrap collection and processing activities.

AMA works towards providing commercial outcomes that are equitable and beneficial to all parties and importantly in the best interests of our clients. A relationship built on trust is the key objective AMA strives to achieve with clients, something the scrap industry as a whole has a very poor record of doing.

Our value proposition is providing vertically integrated supply chain management where from the planning stage to the collection, processing, sale and export of our client’s scrap, costs are effectively managed, revenue from the sale is maximized and rebates where appropriate are maximized. AMA has aspirations to become the leading metal Recycler with a push to becoming a National business engaging with and supporting Aboriginal groups all around Australia.

AMA uses Scrap Assist, a scrap metal purchasing system to provide feedback and traceability on all collections. Clients get to gain access to some of Australia’s largest scrap shear such as 1400 tonne shears which provide enormous processing efficiency bringing down per tonne processing costs and therefor driving higher rebates back to the end client.

A case study of how our methodology helps clients is a contract recently completed on time with out incident to dispose of up to 415 ore cars on behalf of FMGL. The success of the discrete package of work, accountability and associated rebate paid being significantly higher than other quotes, lead to AMA being awarded additional contracted work.