AUS Metals Alliance (AM)

AMA was invited by FMGL to participate in a competitive pricing exercise to collect and dispose of 411 ore cars with a key emphasis on what value by way of a rebate will be paid to back FMGL. The quote submitted by AMA was far superior to any other scrap metal company with greater transparency and resulted in AMA being awarded the scope and FMGL receiving high rebate values for the scrap metal collected during the project. AMA moved 100 ore cars in a single week to allow access for new ore cars to be stored and inspected prior to being put to work. The project was completed without incident and left a strong impression on FMGL’s people involved with the project. The success of the initial ore car scrap program led to AMA being requested to provide scrap metal recycling pricing and methodology for Port and Rail divisions at FMGL. AMA has been awarded a contract to manage the day to day scrap metal collection requirements from Port all along the rail corridor to the mine site gate.