Australia Day Event, Port Hedland
AUS Traffic Management success

We had been approached by the Town of Port Hedland to assist them with Traffic Control on Australia Day for the fireworks.  Past experience with the last Traffic Company they used resulted in a 1hr delay start to fireworks (traffic jams didn’t allow people to arrive on time), delayed return home (up to 2hr wait in traffic) as well as a poor response from the Port Hedland Public.

ToPH requested our advice on how the Traffic flow should be run, where the hot spots would be and how we can at least ‘halve’ the delay in people returning home?

As expected, everything went smoothly. 

First time for us to have all hands on deck and we had a total of 11 Traffic Controllers available for the day with 6 of our vehicles as well.

As well as monitoring the traffic flow, we also monitored the car parks around the main oval and kept the traffic flow from one car park to another so there wasn’t endless driving around trying to find a car park. 

Public were very grateful and received constant thanks and accolades for having such a great service “better than last year”.  Facebook posts at the end of the night and the following day made specific mention to how traffic was run and how friendly the car park attendants and traffic controllers were.

Final count for the night was approx. 2,000 people attended and approx. 600-700 vehicles parked up around the venue

And in conclusion, what were the results of AUS Traffic running control that day/night?

  • Public arrived on time for the Fireworks
  • ALL traffic were out of 4 x car parks within 15-20mins
  • Positive response from the public
  • ToPH have now engaged us for further Traffic works for all upcoming public activities based on their experience with us on Australia Day

Well done team!